How To Get Started with Yoga in Sacramento?

by Kate Saal

One of the most common sentiments people express about trying yoga is, “I’m not flexible enough to do that.”  And it got me to wonder….

“What do people think about yoga?” The comments seem to fall into a few categories.

1)   I’m not flexible, or “stretchy” enough.   I’m out of shape and have no sense of balance.

2)   It’s too difficult

3)   It’s not hard enough…I want to get a workout

4)   It’s scary

5)   It’s strange.  Those people burn incense and chant.

6)   It’s “new agey”, out there, in left field and doesn’t apply to my life.

I can absolutely appreciate these opinions and thought it might be helpful to explore each of them over the course of this week.

First up.

1)  I’m not flexible, or “stretchy” enough.  I’m out of shape and have no sense of balance.

I have a friend whose father regularly goes to the Himalayans to climb.  He believes in being very prepared for his outdoor excursions.  For instance, he flew to New Mexico from Louisiana to try out his new “bear proof” camping equipment.  And who can blame him.  If he makes a mistake up there he freezes, falls or has other unpleasant things happen to him.

Preparation can be a positive thing.  There are many things in life, such as LSATs, board exams, the birth of your child, going out for an evening with friends, where planning is helpful.  Yoga isn’t one of them.

Yoga is a practice of letting go rather than adding on.  You already have everything you need to take a class.

A side note on equipment.  A mat, towel and water bottle go a long way.  However, you can always borrow a mat at One Flow.  As for clothing—shorts or other workout pants and a t-shirt work just as well as designer yoga clothes—do avoid cotton though as it sticks to you when you sweat.

You will build and grow strength, flexibility and balance over time.  The physical benefits are fringe benefits of the practice.  In reality this is an internal practice.

However, we do use the physical postures or “asanas” to help us to be aware.  Each asana is a tool to help you explore but it is not the ultimate goal.  I mean no one really cares if you can get your foot behind your head.  But when you are calm and kind and peaceful—deeper benefits of the practice—that they do notice.

Kate Saal Sacramento Yoga TeacherKate Saal teaches Sacramento Yoga classes daily at One Flow Yoga Studio.  She creates a safe, loving space for you to enjoy your inflexibility, tightness or any other place you happen to be at this moment.  You can find her on Google+.
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Kate Saal, Yoga Teacher and Educator, teaches a sweet practice, rooted in tradition, and infused with a modern, spicy flare. Known as a practical, inspiration guide, she shares how to live in a meaningful, fulfilling way.