Madeline Yoga

I started taking yoga classes with a friend about 15 years ago and really enjoyed it,  but a few years later after a neck injury from a car accident, my true appreciation really began.  I found that yoga was one thing that helped alleviate my neck and arm pain. With great patience, I took the time to slowly build my strength and flexibility.   As I developed a regular practice, I found I no longer had pain when I participated in other favorite hobbies like cycling and gardening. I truly attribute my recovery to this practice. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to experience many other benefits of practicing yoga.

While teaching middle school full time and raising three children, yoga became a time for me to quiet my mind and take a break from my busy life. I became more mindful and found the calming effect of the classes stayed with me even after leaving my mat. During some of our busiest and craziest times at school, I remember sharing with  some coworkers/fellow yogis how we wish we could just take an hour break and go to yoga. I loved how yoga always energized and grounded me. I was hooked!

Practicing at One Flow with such incredible people and many dear friends has been a true gift. I find great joy walking through these doors and being welcomed by the beautiful souls in this community. This is a place where I can always find support and encouragement to face challenges with an open heart and mind. Yoga reminds me to be present for others and to appreciate the many blessings in my life.

I teach yoga to share this practice that inspires me and enriches my life.  I hope to offer you an inviting space to clear your mind, challenge your body, pay attention, and move with breath.  I aim to support and lead you with compassion and am honored to be part of this team whose actions remind me that great love and strength live in us all.