Max Strom says the number one thing to look for in choosing a teacher is "are they kind".  We couldn't agree more.

Great teachers bring an energy and understanding that comes having gone through there own periods of darkness, and emerged on the side with a new level of empathy and compassion.  They are able to inspire and support you on your path.

And they are here to serve.  Let us offer you a practice that will change the way you fundamentally view the world while bringing a smile to your face.

Abby Teacher One Flow Yoga

Abby Puente

Most of my life has revolved around soccer and a go-go mentality.

As a competitive athlete I spent a huge amount of time and energy developing my skills and training my body to be at its optimum potential to compete.  Read More...

Alli Teacher One Flow Yoga

Alli Waldren

I was first introduced to yoga when a good friend asked me to go to a class with her.  Even though I was nervous I thought, “this will be a great workout!”

Before I knew it I was practicing on a regular basis.  Read More...

Catherine Teacher One Flow Yoga

Catherine la O'

When I started my Yoga practice in 2001, Yoga did not have the public’s attention like it does today. I came to the practice with a limited understanding of what it was. At the time, I had no physical exercise or spiritual practice. I was at a place in my life  Read More...

Dave Teacher One Flow Yoga

Dave Ashby

I came to yoga in 2009 when my wife asked if I would join her.  (I was hoping to help manage my weight.)  I continued because I felt better after class.

Today I practice because of the inner calm I’ve discovered within me Read More...

Erin Teacher One Flow Yoga

Erin Reynolds

I came to yoga as an experienced practitioner of body movements looking for a missing piece in my repertoire of kinetic motion.  As a dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance I have always loved the way in which bodies move and experience the world around them.  Read More...

One Flow Yoga Teacher Jonathan

Jonathan Wertz

I LOVE sharing yoga!

How do you find a deeper personal connection to the world?  For me, it was through yoga. Read More...

Kate Teacher One Flow Yoga

Kate Saal

Teaching yoga has been as much of a growth opportunity for me as the physical practice.

Because of this practice I have altered my relationships and the Read More...

Kelly Teacher

Kelly Crumpacker

My journey with yoga was slow and in the beginning, I would say I found yoga.  I first came to my practice sixteen years ago, needing a two unit class to fulfill my full time college freshmen schedule. Read More...

Lori Teacher One Flow Yoga

Lori Lovett

I thank the Universe for guiding me to the practice of yoga. I am so grateful for every experience I have had with it—both on and off my mat.

Initially, I practiced to relax. 

Michelle Teacher One Flow Yoga

Michelle Loew

As an undergraduate I took a yoga class to fulfill a GE requirement.  It was a great introduction…followed by three years in which my yoga mat sat in a closet.

Then a friend invited me to her favorite studio and so began Read More...

Robyn Teacher One Flow Yoga

Robyn Gray

Practicing and teaching yoga has been a process of personal discovery and self-awareness.  I have practiced yoga for over 10 years but found a dedicated yoga practice during my first semester in graduate school while studying Marriage and Family Therapy.  Read More...

Ryan Teacher One Flow Yoga

Ryan Caputi

From an early age I have been active, playing on soccer teams, training in Taekwondo, jumping BMX bikes, snowboarding, surfing, rock climbing, etc.

In 2009 I took my first vinyasa yoga class and was hooked.  The Read More...

Shannon Teacher One Flow Yoga

Shannon Shellenberg

At a transitional period in my life, 16 years ago, my mom took me to my first yoga class.   She thought it would “help” me—gotta love the motherly instinct!

In that very first class, I felt like the teacher looked right into my Read More...

Tracy Teacher One Flow Yoga

Tracy Kirsten

My first experience with Yoga was when a friend of mine convinced me to try out a Bikram yoga class.  She said it was a great work out and detoxifying.  I gave Bikram yoga my very best for two months but when I was introduced to Vinyasa yoga, the love affair began.  Read More...