Adam Teacher


In my early 20’s I began a spiritual quest looking for something greater than myself, that I could identify with and find truth in. I studied Eastern philosophy and saw parallels between the language it used and what felt right to me within.

I have always been intrigued by yoga because I thought the ‘stretching’ would benefit my work as a hairdresser and being on my feet, at that point, for almost twenty years. Although I was curious, I had yet to show up to a class because I was insecure that I did not know the postures.

It was a March evening in 2014, and my wife, who practiced before, convinced me to go to a yoga class in place of one of our regular date nights.  Instead of dinner and drinks, we opted to try something different. I showed up to One Flow Yoga that evening and got on my mat. I have only fallen deeper into it every day since. Yoga slows me down and at the same time opens me up.

In my class offering,  I hope you find the same.  It is time to show up to give to yourself so that you can be there for others.  I provide a place of peace, coupled with challenge, as that is where we grow.

My personal mantra for the last decade is "Evolve or Dissolve."  We grow, change and thrive, or we fade away.  I find this to ring true throughout my practice.