I found my yoga practice at a time when I was stressed and worn down. I’d been juggling many roles and responsibilities between a demanding career, business partnership, and motherhood, and I was frazzled. My days were filled with an ever growing to do list as I raced from one thing to the next.  There was no time to notice the in between.

I tried yoga in college and a class at a local gym but didn’t understand yoga’s deeper connection.

There was something more in those first few Vinyasa classes at One Flow… Although I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what “more” meant, it grabbed and kept me coming back. I remember trying to explain it to a friend, but the feeling was hard to describe, as true presence is.

In class, my head didn’t clear of the numerous thoughts or to do items, as my imagination and popular culture had me believe. Rather, I began a different relationship with myself and my busy mind; one that feels like freedom.

Yoga encourages me to slow down and really take notice, which is almost always rewarded with life’s most fulfilling moments-- like my boys laughing (or fighting), a friendly grocery store clerk or funny story shared between coworkers.