Dave Teacher One Flow Yoga


I came to yoga in 2009 when my wife asked if I would join her.  (I was hoping to help manage my weight.)  I continued because I felt better after class.

Today I practice because of the inner calm I've discovered within me and the deeper love I've found in all of my relationships.

For me, yoga is so much more than the physical.  It has awakened my spiritual connection and has helped me grow as a person.  It connects me with people, and just as importantly, connects me with myself.

Teaching yoga is way I offer the practice back.  Together with the asanas and meditation, it provides me the opportunity to ground and balance throughout my life.  I teach to share my love, joy and passion in the hope of helping others find and accept who they are authentically.

The classes I offer are gentle yet firm and challenging for yogins newer to the practice, as well as those more seasoned.  Come visit and check out a class.  Determine for yourself and let me know what you think.  After all, I'm here for you...