Erin Teacher One Flow Yoga


I came to yoga as an experienced practitioner of body movements looking for a missing piece in my repertoire of kinetic motion.  As a dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance I have always loved the way in which bodies move and experience the world around them.

When I began practicing yoga I found that the connection between body and mind was more than simply a good feeling. It was a way to better understand myself and the world around me.  Although I had felt a subliminal current of this bridge between our movements, emotions and relationship to the world through my other explorations of movement, it was never more clearly and plainly stated than in the practice of yoga.

The more I practiced, the more I came to understand that yoga was less about turning yourself into a pretzel and more about just being you and being content with that. It allows us to take the time to focus on ourselves and asks us to take what we experience on the mat out into the world and think about it, and I cannot be more thankful to have it in my life every day.

I strive to bring my experience with the body to every class I teach as well as take the opportunity to learn from the movement and presence of each and every one in class.

I teach yoga because I want to help others discover the same joy and understanding that it gives me. Yoga has become a cornerstone of my life and I hope that I can help it be one for you as well.