One Flow Yoga Teacher Jonathan


I LOVE sharing yoga!

How do you find a deeper personal connection to the world?  For me, it was through yoga.

In community college I was fortunate to have a teacher who taught yoga philosophy alongside the poses.

The poses fascinated me as well as the new sensations they delivered.  But the deep feeling of connection didn’t come.

But I kept at it, practicing and focusing on the poses, even though I knew there was more to yoga.

I continued to wander through life, meandering and repeating cycles…cycles of substance abuse, that I could not break.

Confused, bewildered and on the verge of despair, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training, hoping for some clarity.  Though my problems persisted, I was reminded of the bigger purpose of yoga and what initially attracted me to the practice.

I learned what community meant.

Others showed me more love than I had ever known, and expected nothing in return. I learned to seek refuge in chanting, caring for others, and spreading love so freely given.

At One Flow I experience that same sense of belonging. It is a place to sweat, sing, and dwell in Love for the practice, and for life. I am grateful to share the tools of breath, poses, and music.

So come, I’d like to see you in class. We will work hard, but always with a sense of freedom. Let’s make a connection.