Shannon Teacher One Flow Yoga


At a transitional period in my life, 16 years ago, my mom took me to my first yoga class.   She thought it would “help” me—gotta love the motherly instinct!

In that very first class, I felt like the teacher looked right into my soul.  I remember her gently adjusting my posture—pushing my chin back ever so lightly and saying, “You think too much, lead with your heart, not with your head.”  So began my yogic journey and with many bumps along the way, I have been working to do so ever since.

I have been blessed to have many wise, giving, patient(!) and skillful teachers over the years who have shown me the way through the bumps and challenges that any path of self-discovery and self-understanding inevitably brings. With their encouragement I kept coming back over and over to experience all that my yoga mat has to offer.

It has been a place to find quiet and peace in my heart, a place to question my actions, my reactions and my path, a place to cry and grieve, and a place to feel whole-body joy and laughter.

Now, I’ve taken lots of workshops and teacher trainings on the philosophy of yoga because that “head” part of me still wants to know as much as I can about this beautiful practice!  But truly I do yoga because it feels good, it makes me happy and there’s truth in the simple practice of breathing and being.  Plus, as my sweet cousin always says “where else do people talk so nice to you??”

So come and let me talk nice to you! I like to offer a lot of love and caring in my classes because we all need that!  I’ve been called thoughtful and thorough.  My classes tend to be hard not because we move but because we stay...stay to face any discomfort, any fear; stay to face ourselves, know ourselves.  I hope to encourage you to lead with your heart and, most of all, to discover the beauty and bliss of yoga together.