Beginner’s Series

Beginner’s Series Workshop/Class. One of our most requested and popular offerings, this workshop was created with one purpose–to help you feel comfortable and confident in any yoga class–even if you’ve never set foot in a yoga studio. I created the Beginner’s Workshop because I saw a gap in the community between people who are new to yoga and people who have practiced awhile.  I have been to many studios where students are just kind of expected to “figure it out” for themselves.  Yoga, though, has a very specific philosophy behind it. There is a way to do the postures in a safe, relaxed, and yes, “joyful” manner.  Students who have gone through the beginner’s series tell me they have a lot more freedom in their practices and have a lot more fun.  They no longer feel like it’s a competition, but is a practice where they can connect with their mind, body, breath and spirit.  Taking this workshop will also show you how to start letting yoga make a difference in your life.  I mean do people really care if you can get into a handstand or put your foot behind your head?  Not really.  But do they care that you are kind, that you can listen and be there for them.  Absolutely.  Kate Saal Over the course of 8 workshop/classes, you will gain an understanding of what yoga is about and learn “principles” that allow you to make any yoga class your own. The same group that starts together stays together and you will get to know several new people as there is an emphasis on partner work. Students says two things about this beginner’s series, “I wish I would have done it sooner,” and “After only one night, the cost is worth it.”

When:  8 Sessions

February 23 – March 18, 2015

7:45p – 9:00p

Cost:  $109

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