Beginner's Series Workshop

Build a strong sustainable practice

I created the Beginner's Workshop almost ten years ago because I saw a gap in the community between people who are new to yoga and people who have practiced a while.  There was a disconnect where people were just kind of expected to "figure it out" for themselves.  That resulted in a lot of awkwardness, and worse yet, feeling that yoga wasn't for them.

There is a better way.  Yes, you can learn how to do yoga.   

We'll break down the most common yoga poses beginners are likely to see and we'll teach you how to do in them in a safe, relaxed, and yes, joyful manner.

Students who have gone through the beginner's series tell me they have a lot more freedom in their practices and more fun.  They no longer feel like yoga is a competition, but where they can connect with their mind, body, and spirit.

This workshop will show you how the practice of yoga can make a difference in your life.  I mean do people really care if you can get into a handstand or put your foot behind your head?  Not really.  But do they care that you are kind, that you can listen and be there for them?  Absolutely.  Kate Saal

March 25 - April 17, 2019

7:00p - 8:15p

Cost:  $109

Beginners Series One Flow Yoga

Space is limited